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Acorn’s Guide to Thanksgiving Television

From Friends to Grey’s Anatomy, Thanksgiving Episodes are something to be grateful for

As the madness of Halloween draws its close, the wind shifts, and Thanksgiving is upon us. Besides watching the iconic Thanksgiving parade, television puts out iconic holiday episodes for all to enjoy. While the holidays are heartwarming, they are also full of madness with dramatic family and too much food. Here’s Acorn’s guide to the most remembered Turkey-themed episodes


Starting strong is Friends season 5, episode 8 – “The One with All the Thanksgivings.”

 In this episode, Monica’s Thanksgiving feast ends, and Ross is upset by his impending divorce and eviction. So, he calls upon the gang to reflect upon their memorable Thanksgiving holidays, featuring flashbacks. In this episode, we see the famous Turkey on Monica’s head.


Next, we have Gilmore Girls season 3, episode 9 – “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving.”

In this episode, Jackson and his family deep fry the Thanksgiving Turkey, much to Suki’s dismay. Lorelai and Rory face the problem of having too many Thanksgivings. As expected at Emily and Richard’s, they are also scheduled at Sukis, Luke’s, and Lane’s holiday feasts. The girls end up stuffed and in a mess with so many Turkeys.


In Gossip Girl, Thanksgiving is a chaotic time, especially Season 1, Episode 9 – “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!”

With Blair and Serena feuding, Dan offers a safe harbor after the Van der Woodsens are exiled from the Waldorfs and plan to spend Thanksgiving alone at the Palace Hotel. The situation makes Rufus and Lily uncomfortable, as their kids don’t know about their odd romantic history. Meanwhile, Blair’s Thanksgiving is out of control with no Serena or Nate, and her dad canceling.


At the beginning of New Girl, Season 1, Episode 6 – “Thanksgiving,” Jess finds herself in a mess as she invites her crush and fellow teacher, Paul, to Thanksgiving. We’re at the loft, and the scene unfolds into absolute chaos.


In the classic Full House Season 1, Episode 9 – “The Miracle of Thanksgiving”

It’s the first Thanksgiving without their mother, and Danny is determined to make it memorable for the girls. However, when Danny’s mother, Claire, can’t make it because of bad weather, Danny, Jesse, and Joey set out to prepare the feast. Jesse, in turn, cooks a Turkey in a leather jacket.


In comedy Modern Family, Season 6, Episode 8 – “Three Turkeys”

The family tasks Phil and Luke with prepping Turkey for the main dish, which is made a clear mistake. Preparing for disaster, Claire creates a secret backup turkey while Jay and Gloria set to have their own quiet Thanksgiving, mourning the loss of their canceled vacation. As always, nothing goes according to plan, and chaos ensues.


When the Grey Anatomy Doctor occasionally leaves the hospital, Season 2, Episode 9 – “Thanks for the Memories” depicts the doctors skipping work for the holiday. Izzy sets out to make her dream Thanksgiving dinner, but she doesn’t know how, causing Christina, Meredith, and Alex to hide at work. Burke ends up helping her. Meanwhile, George is scared of the O’Malley tradition of killing their own Turkey.


In Friend’s iconic season 3, episode 9 – “Thanks for the Memories,” the boys vs. girls football game commences. With Ross and Monica as captains, sibling rivalry tears a warpath, and the game is nothing like the “friendly” touch football game it set out to be.


In the OC season 1, episode 11 – “The Homecoming,” Ryan returns to Chino to visit his incarcerated brother with his new girlfriend from the wealthy side of town, Marissa Cooper, by his side. In Newport, the Cohens host and Kristin’s wealthy father bring his new girlfriend Julie, Marissa’s mother, causing extra drama. Seth is conflicted about which girl to date, Summer or Anna. The episode is full of tension, and Marissa helps Ryan steal a car.


Gossip Girl is famous for its Thanksgiving episodes, especially season 3, episode 11 – “The Treasure of Serena Madre,” where the iconic “Whatcha Say” dinner scene occurs. Everyone is fighting, and the Van der Woodsen household is in for disaster. With Nate and Serena fighting because of her affair with his cousin Tripp, Lily and Rufus are at odds with Lily lying about her travels. Cece is far too happy at creating the rift, and Vanessa is fighting with her mom. Jenny finds out Eric is the reason for her public downfall and Blair is just being Blair. The episode’s end is sure to make your head spin.

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