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Lilliana Heline

With the end of 2023, users on Spotify have received their yearly “Wrapped.” This tradition allows for frequent music listeners to explore their top genres, artists, and unique listening habits throughout the year. Each Wrapped comes with its own new features and this year was no exception.

Acorn in particular held rather interesting statistics revolving around music this year with a wide variety in almost every category. Despite the variety in music from the members of the magazine, a few statistics were common among the class as a whole. When it comes to the top artists of the class, there is no surprise after taking a glance at the Acorn Spotify account. The top artist of 2023 for Acorn was… Taylor Swift, followed closely by Lana Del Rey. 

Although the top artist for the class was rather geared towards the pop and lyrical genres of music, the top genre of the class may be rather surprising following Taylor Swift. Overall, the most common genre that was listened to by the Acorn staff was rock. A rather unique statistic that just goes to show the variety of listeners within the small group.

One very insightful characteristic that Spotify Wrapped goes to show its users every year is the total number of minutes they listened to . Accumulating song after song, and recently podcasts as well throughout the whole year. The staff averaged 54,151 minutes total over the year of 2023, with Eden Lynch being the top listener with 162,315 minutes.

A new feature Spotify added to Wrapped this year was the hero card. A way to encapsulate how one listens to music through a unique fictional character. There were twelve hero cards that could have been received by listeners which include: the hypnotist, fanatic, hunter, collector, shapeshifter, roboticist, mastermind, luminary, cyclops, time traveler, alchemist, and vampire. Of the twelve, two were received the most by the staff. Both the vampire and the time traveler had about 30% of the staff. The vampire card states “When it comes to your listening, you like to embrace a little… darkness. You listen to emotion

al, atmospheric music more than most.” The time traveler card, however, states “You travel back in time and listen to songs on repeat, again and again. The best tracks never get old.”

Out of all the statistics given to users in Spotify Wrapped, certain staff members found that they had very special ones compared to others. Senior Max Willey ended up in the top 0.001% of Deftones listeners. Sophomore Sama Sahib ended up having two top songs this year with them being Mad Woman by Taylor Swift and Wishful Thinking by Gracie Abrams. Then finally, senior Lilly Heline had Don Toliver as her second most listened to artist, which was a rather overlooked artist in 2023.

Ultimately, the Acorn staff this year had many unique and frequent listeners throughout all of 2023. With over a month of average minutes and a rather unique top genre of rock, the music

 choices of the class truly were unmatched. After a long year, Spotify Wrapped is the perfect way for students to look into their listening habits. It allows them to take a look back into the year they had and potentially rediscover music and relive the great parts of 2023.

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Audrey Wehner
Audrey Wehner, Reporter
Hi! My name is Audrey Wehner and I’m a senior here at Royal Oak and this is my first year on Acorn. A little about me is that I love music, I have two cats, and my favorite band is Blur. I’m so excited to be a part of this team and I’m looking forward to this year!
Lilliana Heline
Lilliana Heline, Web Editor
Hi! My name is Lilly Heline and I am a Senior here at ROHS. This is my 2nd year on the Acorn and first year as web editor! I'm super excited this year for the start of the Acorn website. Outside of school, I love reading, travelling, and spending time with friends. I also play softball for the high school and am the starting varsity pitcher. My favorite movie is Fast and Furious, and my favorite flowers are Blue Hydrangeas. I am super excited for my last year at ROHS!

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