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Enriching Extracurriculars:

Royal Oak adds new clubs to its roster

Crochet Club

While ROHS Crochet and Knit Club Adviser, Alec Snyder, is primarily known as an expert in history, he cannot crochet or knit. However, Snyder is pleased to sponsor the club and its president and founder, Victoria Emery, who loves crocheting and bringing people together. Being a leader is a natural comfort for Emery, but being a leader means she is incredibly busy. Nevertheless, she has a vision for the club, and she “made time for it” because she wanted to get a group of like-minded people to come together every Thursday morning to gain “comfort in an uncomfortable spot like school.”

Crochet and Knit Club encourages students to bring their own supplies if they want to come to meetings. Emery and club members are currently working on bringing more supplies for those who are new to crocheting or knitting. Students can find a place in Crochet and Knit Club in room 220 every Thursday morning at 7:15 am.

Hiking Club
Senior Ava Doty started walking during her junior year, and recognized it as a great outlet for her thoughts. Doty wanted to share this outlet with others. She describes Hiking Club as a very low-key and low-stress club for people to get together, make connections, and explore the surrounding community.
Hiking Club meetings will vary, though Doty confirmed that there will be about two meetings per month. There is yet to be a set meeting time, but the club will meet in with adviser Tracy Crawley in room 312.
Doty explained that she and the club officers want to leave locations for hikes up for discussion with future members so everyone’s ideas will be included. Hikes will start off locally in consultation with Royal Oak’s Nature Society (RONS). Further information for RONS can be found on its website.
“I hope for it to be a way to meet new people without a strict school environment,” said Doty.

School Beautification Club
Senior Averi Anderson initially wanted to start the School Beautification Club because she noticed when people first walked into school, there was never any excitement. Anderson thought that if people saw some color in place of “plain beige walls,” it could boost the moods of students and teachers alike. Anderson stressed that the goal of the club is to make the school a better place, as well as more modern and up-to-date.
“I hope others start to appreciate the school a little more with the addition of school beautification,” she said.
The club plans to get club members to contribute to murals and artwork that will eventually be displayed around the school and brighten up the atmosphere.
Anderson hopes that she can make a difference in school, and how it makes people feel when they step inside.
There has yet to be a specific meeting time/date set for the club, but meetings will take place in Ms. Crawley’s room (312) either before or (ideally) after school.

World Language Club
While ROHS has clubs for the languages taught here (French, Spanish, and German), teacher Fiona King decided that a World Language Club would be a great way for students to share cultures not otherwise included in the school’s course offerings.

The club will focus on raising awareness regarding celebrations and cultural traditions. Some celebrations in the club will include Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year, among others. Members plan to host a “Friendsgiving,” which will reflect American and Canadian Thanksgiving traditions.
A website is in the works for the club, which will help spread the word about World Language, and support the club enough to host future events. Club meetings take place every Wednesday at 3:05 p.m., in room 118. For larger events, meetings may be moved to the MMR or the Roost.
One main goal of the World Language Club is to prioritize different languages and cultures, as well as honor month-long celebrations like Black History Month or Asian-American Pacific Islander Month (API).
“World Language Club is embracing all languages and cultures, not just those taught at our school,” said King.

National Art Honor Society
Ms. Nancy Sly, a new addition to the ROHS staff and the adviser for the National Art Honor Society (NAHS), brought the idea for this club from her previous place of employment. Senior Logan Vinluan, a member of NAHS, views the club as a fun twist on the National Honor Society (NHS). The National Honor Society aims to enrich the world academically, while NAHS enriches the world through art.
Open to anyone, it’s considered a low-key, low-stress club, that focuses on doing good around the school, as well as delving a bit into school beautification. While NAHS reflects community service through the arts, the club will include a lot of volunteer work to bring joy to a variety of places in the community.

“NAHS can be really eye-opening to the good that can be done in the world through the arts,” said Vinluan.
NAHS meetings are held after school on Tuesdays in Sly’s room (300)

Philosophy Club
Junior Jude Pallay hopes that the ROHS Philosophy Club will create a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to get together for discussions without having to worry about fitting in. Pallay and fellow officers hope that discussions will help others come out of their shells and feel recognized. Pallay explained that students in high school can sometimes feel a little anti-social and/ or overly social, and those who are very passionate about their own thoughts may be guarded about sharing them with others. The goal of the club is to make others feel connected and comfortable enough to share their thoughts with the school community, ensuring they don’t alienate themselves from groups that can listen to and appreciate different opinions and ideas.
The club’s officers hope to look deeper into those who have dedicated their lives to philosophical thought and ideas. Books, speeches, passages, and all sorts of other expressions will be read and considered by the club, which will then lead to writing and creating art. Pallay believes that art and philosophy go hand in hand,
“When people make a sculpture or self-portrait, they tend to have this self-reflection dripped into their art, no matter what it is,” he said.
Philosophy Club meetings are held every week on Tuesdays after school in room 117 with adviser Lindsay Cole. Pallay encourages students to attend.

Catan Club
Catan Club is a unique club for Royal Oak High School students who wish to participate in intense and entertaining games of Catan. Club founder Ava Emery doesn’t want Catan Club to have intimidating impressions, and explained that the club will teach the game to anyone who is interested. The club will begin meeting in room 132 after school sometime in November, with ELA teacher Derek Miller as its adviser.

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